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The movie Frozen was full of universal themes. A universal theme that stood out to me tho was the universal  theme of change. change happens a lot in that movie. an example of change in frozen is when they go from isolation to freedom. the character that went from isolation to freedom was Anna. Anna is the younger sister of princess Elsa. The reason why she had isolation was because her older sister (Elsa) had power that made her different from others and she wanted her powers to be kept a secret. Then as the movie progresses the people from the village find out about the Princess’s (actually Queen by the time they find out) power and she, in fear, runs away but turns spring to winter. Anyway, after all that at the end of the movie the princess comes back to the village and everything turns better. They are able to be free cause the villagers know about the her powers!

fahrenheit 451 discussion 4

I am currently reading Fahrenheit 451 a very popular book by Ray Bradbury. For round four of our literature circles while reading i was assigned to be connection maker and investigator. a connection i made was In pages 48-52 guy montag  was send to burn a house with book but something wasn’t right the lady own of the house and books. what happened was the fireman ended up burning the lady. then the next day guy wasn’t feeling it. He didn’t want to go to work any more and he wanted to quit his job. i can connect to this because when something happens at school or anywhere i don’t feel like going the next day.

What about you?

Change DQ1

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I am currently reading a short story called Flowers For Algernon. A universal theme that is dealt with in this story is change. Change happens to everything and everyone around us at any time. Some people or things change for better, others change for worse.

A way change was dealt with in Flowers For Algernon was they did operations to Charlie to make him smarter. As the story progressed you could notice a good change in Charlie.

So? What about you?

  1. Can you tell me how change has happened in your life?
  2. What caused the change?
  3. What was the effect of the change?


John McClellan (father of Clariss) : thank you all for secretly coming out today to remember clariss. Does any have any words to say about my little young Clarisse.

narrator : Guy montag raises his hand.

John McCllan:  Come on up guy.

Narrator : Guy montag gets up from his seat and walks up to the podium. He drys a tear running down his face and begins to speak.

Guy Montag : Well clarisse was a great girl. She had a huge impact on me. I still remember the day I met young clarisse on my way home from work. At first she seemed a bit scared and uneasy because I was a fire man but after a while she began to trust me. I noticed right away she was something different. She seemed so happy and full of life. She would always go outside and she would always stare at everything. To be honest she made me realize that what I was doing at my job was wrong. She also showed me that I wasn’t really in love with my wife Mily. I just want to seriously thank this girl for everything. All I know is if this world we live in today was different you would still be alive today. Clarisse I promise you I will make a change in this damned world and I will always remember you. Thank you so much Clarisse for coming into my life and just know it’s gonna be hard and painful to know your not here with us anymore. Thank everybody.

Narrator : Everbody begins to claps and to cry.

John McClellan : well that Concludes it I hope you all have a great day and take care.

Fahrenheit 451 round 3 discussion topic(s)

I am currently reading Fahrenheit 451 a very popular book by Ray Bradbury. For round three of our literature circles while reading i was assigned to be the Vocabulary highlighter and discussion director. a word i found while reading was pantomime which means a dramatic entertainment, originating in Roman mime, in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music. Another word is ravenous which means extremely hungry. I was also discussion leader and a question i think u guys should discuss is whats going to happen next in the story?

( pages 41 – 48 in 15 anniversary edition )